Went to the Gunshow today…..

February 18, 2012

Didn’t buy a darned thing.  Almost all of the prices were ridiculously high and I always have my budget in mind.  They often use the trick of overpricing stuff a bit to allow for bargaining but this was insane as some of the stuff was priced 2 times retail cost.  But it was a good day anyway as Dad and I got look around and some stuff and then went to my favorite pawn shop and picked up a roll of Kennedy 1/2 Dollars and I put a russian SKS on Layaway. I didn’t get a bargain but I did pay a fair price and they don’t charge extra for layaway which is nice.  Dad is looking around for a small pistol to carry and he got a few ideas and know has an idea what to pay. I’m the gun nut of the family so I get to help when the family looks for guns.

I seem to be getting some of the smugness knocked out of me lately. I’ve always considered myself fairly intelligent and I’m waking up to how I have been played by the PTBs. Funny how you can always see the mote in someone’s eye and not see the beam in your own.  I am a slave to the PTBs just like almost everyone else,  I did not recognize the chains I placed on myself.  I can see why the questions to authority are so feared, just  questioning my own assumptions has been painful.

I see now how we are divided in OWS/Tea Party, Pro-life and Pro- choice,  and on and on,  I played the game, and did not notice I was the one being played.  It is not fun to find out you have been a fool or at least it’s not for me.  Now I am going back and having to question everything I believed. Now some folks would say that is the beginning of wisdom and I think they are correct but it’s very hard and it is changing me.  For the better I hope!

So you all get to put up with me as I work through some of my assumptions and learn to deal with reality.