Gosh I hate waiting!

May 18, 2013

This should be the week when all of the refi and boat selling is done.  While I had not anticipated either thing happening  about a month ago I really hate waiting for the last little bits to get done. I want to finalize my new monthly budget,  and I think I have mentally spent any excess monies about 42 different times in anticipation of the little windfall coming my way.  I have learned the hard way until I get paperwork or money in hand, never count on it.  One major screw up on the monthly budget seems to take about 3 months to fix and it’s just not worth the stress.

I do have a few little purchases I want to make besides the stuff for the wood stove.  I have been adding solar lights around the house to replace some of the older out side lights. Amazon has a couple of motion detector solar lights that should work as a porch light up front and a good light for the backyard that covers from the shop to the house.  With the improvements in solar lights in the last few years I see no reason to pay the electric company monthly for any new lights I want to install. Amazon has a small GRMS radio base station for a great price. I am the most centrally located and probably the best prepared of all of my family and this would give us another form of communication not dependent on any company or infrastructure. With the little base station we should have plenty of redundant commo for everything outside of an EMP or Carrington type solar flare!

For my Beer making I want to get a grain crusher. Grains for beer need to be crushed to release all those sugars not ground like flour. Plus grinding 4-5 pounds of flour with a small grinder is a lot of work and not fun. Most of these crushers are setup to use a hand crank or a drill to make fast work of a lot grain.

I also want to get started on my third barrel of my seven year food plan that will hold my  Rice. Between the buckets on hand and the 55 gallon drum,  seven years of rice should be one of the fastest and easiest to reach that goal.  As I read the Bible I am starting to understand there is very little that is not applicable to life.  The seven years of famine, drought, disasters of all sorts can happen to us at any time and is not just an arbitrary number to tell a story. Many cycles in nature happen in seven year patterns and having that much food on hand gives you time for options  to adapt, move or wait it out.  You can survive on the food and remain healthy but you will probably want a bit more variety over that many years so you will have to do something to make your life better!

I’m not getting all that much money and I know the average tax return for most people will be about 3 times as much and that they count on that every year for stuff.  That couple of grand you get back  can go a long way on making sure you have food to eat,  water to drink as well as improve your security and shelter!  Better to be years early than 1 minute to late on preparing.