Everything is based on Logitics

August 24, 2012

I’m ex military so I tend to use Military terminology so I’ll give you my definitions and how I think about prepping as it relates to the terminology.

Strategy: It’s your end goal, what you want to accomplish.  It might be as simple as having a 72 hour BOB or 10 years of food. But it’s still the primary goal you have set.

Tactics: Now this is how you will reach that goal you set in your strategy.  For a BOB it might be getting 10 packages of ramen noodles and instant oatmeal.

Logistics: is how you get and maintain the resources to meet both your tactics and your strategic goal.  For example if you decide that 10 packages of ramen noodles and oatmeal is your food plan for your BOB you must dedicate your resources to purchasing those items  also the water required to cook those meal, a stove and fuel to heat the water, an easy carry bag to contain the water, stove fuel and food as well as eating utensils and a way to safely clean your plate or dispose of the trash.  You have to consider the weight of the water and would a filter be a good choice, do you have a water source?  If the zombies smell food how will you protect it? It’s a dark cold rainy night and all you have is your BOB do you have a flashlight, rain gear, a shelter and dry clothes to change into? How will you light the fire and keep the fuel burning?

As you can see the logistical challenges expand as you try to meet just a simple goal of a 72 hour bag and it just preparing something simple like ramen noodles or instant oatmeal. The making of a simple meal from your BOB can give you great insight on what you will need for the long haul. All you need to is keep adding more days and more comforts and using your resourses wisely.

This is why great generals always study logistics and bad/arm chair generals study only tactics. Remember each goal can be broken down this way.

For instance My Water needs for my area.

  1. I live in High desert so summers will have very little rain water to harvest but we have months in both fall and the spring that I could store over 6000 gallons based on average rainfall via a 100sq. foot  roof and a big enough storage tank.  So  I need at least 1 gallon a day for one person for at least 3 months and that’s 90 gallons.  I know from my water test that after 3 days I need 3-5 gallons to stay clean, keep the house somewhat clean, wash clothes and water plants. So for 90 days in the dry season  I need 450 gallons of water to get me through the dry season at 5 gallons per day,  and that is only for 1 person.  I can’t afford a 6000 gallons storage tank nor do I think the city would be happy code wise. But I can easily get 4 or more rain barrels in the 50-60 gallon range and use that water for flushing, and sanitation needs after running it through a filter and boiling it I could use it for everything.  I keep over 260 gallons of water that is good for drinking. With the four rain barrels, three sixty gallon potable  water barrels, as well as smaller camp jugs, tarps and buckets I could stay home never venture out for water and I should be okay. So my logistics for water is great if I can stay home and protect my water supply. Even if city water is cut off.   Please look at your kids and or your spouse before you decide you don’t have room to store it and ask your self if really want to watch someone die of dehydration as it’s not pretty. Store it under the bed, get rid of some shoes and stuff and store it in a closet.  Put it in your garage as three sixty gallon barrels of water will fit on a simple 4 foot by four foot pallet with room to spare for an additional 3-4 camp jugs.
  2. You probably stored some dehydrated food, milk and other items so you need water to make that powdered milk good or any freeze dried meal. Add in some kool-aid, Tang or powder drink mix. A glass gallon jar, tea bags and you got sun tea. While you may not be able to go the store for Coke, Pepsi or soda. You can have coffee on hand to take care of any caffeine addiction symptoms.  If you are a coffee drinker get a “French Press” coffee maker. They are simple to use and don’t need to be monitored like a percolator on a stove.

I hope I have given you a different way of thinking about your goals and how to meet them.  I’ve only covered a bit about water and there is more as far as sanitation and cooking.  Tap water is super cheap as well as bleach. You can buy Brita water pitchers for about $15.00 and 3- 5 of the filters on sale that will let you have not only clean water when sanitized but good tasting water.  You have time to buy some powder drink mix that can break the monotony but give you good stuff like vitamin C from Tang or great herbal stuff from green tea to your herb garden.

You must have clean safe drinking water no mater what or you will be dead in 13 days,  either from dehydration 1-3 days or from nasty bugs like Dysentery, Typhus or diarrhea in 2 weeks as you lose fluids.  Have a few gallons of safe water to start for each person, have a filter and a way to boil/sanitize next and then have a way to collect more water.