Started the broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and celery seeds

March 24, 2021

Wow the whole gardening thing has become REAL in my mind with starting the tomatoes and peppers and not just the cole crops of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages. I’m waiting seeds shipping from Baker Creek that will arrive around the end of March. This late start is my fault as I ordered the seeds in mid March and I should have ordered earlier in February or even January. I don’t think it will be to late to start those Baker Creek seeds as most are summer growing plants as long as the starter plants are ready to plant in May the garden is good to grow!

I have started what seeds I have on hand along with starting the broccoli seeds I have started the Sun globe cherry tomato, a heirloom beef steak tomato along with the meaty Roma tomato that is a sauce and canning favorite. I thought I had some Bell pepper seeds on hand but all I had on hand was a “Spanish Variety” of sweet pepper. I have the mini-bell peppers and a Japan Heirloom pepper that has the flavor of a jalapeño without any heat coming from Baker Creek. I have to go shopping so I’ll pick up a sweet pepper seed packet

I started some of the Utah tall celery seeds and I have had good luck using “Victoria” celery from nursery starting plants. In fact the Victoria celery seems to handle cold/frosty temps of October/early November better than the Utah tall celery. But remember it was a mild winter last year in this area. Over all I would say the Utah tall celery grows better in hot summer heat (95-100 F.) and the Victoria grows better in cooler temps and can handle mild frost and come back from 28-32 degrees F. and keep growing. The difference between home grown celery to store bought celery is comparable to the difference of store bought tomatoes and home grown tomatoes.

My Peas have grown faster and stronger than I had ever expected and all of those plants have all been moved to larger pots. I thought about planting the peas early but we had a small hail storm a couple of days ago and I doubt those plants would have survived even in the somewhat protected area I have planned for their garden bed. I’m not sure if my cabbage starts are getting “leggy” as I have never started cabbage seeds indoors. The stems are green and about 2-3 inches long and I have no idea how cabbage seeds grow when you start seeds indoors. My Cauliflower seeds have not done as well for germination and I’m using seed packets that are supposed to be for 2021. A couple of pots planted but the germination rate was not good. I have added a few more seeds to the failed pots in hopes I just had a few bad seeds.

I have read that one of the big mistakes that gardeners make is not labeling starting plants properly of keeping a log/diary of what plants do well and those plants that don’t do well. I am guilty of that as well and not keeping good records about what works and does not work year to year for my garden/yard.

Last fall I prepped a section of my yard and planted grass seed. I have grass coming up this spring but it is a little patchy in spots. My biggest problem with planting grass seed is I don’t have irrigation water in the in October when the grass needs moisture and Mama Nature does not respond to my request for rain. I recommend you plant your grass seed in the fall and fill in the bare patches during the spring before you have to put down and weed preventer. I would not add any Lawn Greening chemical until you repair your lawn from bugs and fill those bares spots. The great thing about good compost as you can add it at any time and water it in and it feeds the roots of the grass and not just the top of the plants.

Deep roots is the thing you want for all your landscaping. Trees with deep roots don’t get bent or uprooted via the wind. Building soil not only in your garden but in your yard, will help those trees, plants and shrubs put down more deep roots the better off you will be in the long run.

I think Inflation and self- rationing will be coming to the USA for grains like Rice, beans, cooking oils and grains like happened around 2011-2012. It’s not shortage in the USA, but in places like China, Africa and even Australia and more people are bidding on the same commodities on the global markets. Every business that wants the highest profit will sell to the highest bidder. I don’t blame anyone for selling to the highest bidder. While we can’t be the highest bidder we plebes can be first buying the products we need daily. While Covid struck the supply chain hard you can stockup on the basics and find sales.

It is bizarre, as I consider myself as a bit of armature historian. Yet the 1970’s stagflation, 1980’s 20% interest rates set by Federal reserve are treat as ancient history. I lived being at the bottom of the Reagan economic recovery. While I am a Trump supporter I really don’t understand Biden/democrat supporters. Colleges and Universities are bringing back segregation. Enacting racial hiring policies that exclude some races and the elites are good with this practice?

I don’t have to support any racist corporation like Amazon that blacklist authors. I have no kids in school but my taxes support teachers that don’t teach kids in person or in a classroom in my city. What can’t go on won’t. People here go into store without a mask and no one says BOO to them. I’m good with that as I’m in “Vulnerable” category to Covid as I have I have a compromised immune system. I protected myself regardless of the Government edicts of safety for people.

Private companies have right to set a policy about who enters the store. I’m okay with that policy. I think it is stupid and not well enforced at the local level but they can set any policy they want for the store. You can choose to use the store or go elsewhere base on what you will tolerate.