Six potential cases under observation in Idaho and I saw people stocking up!

March 5, 2020

I don’t there is a safe area against the Corona Virus other than trying to make your own safe space.  I did a little shopping for sales and to see how the local Fred Meyers store and how people were reacting.  Over all it seemed business as usual at 11:00 AM and mostly retired/and Moms shopping at the store.  There was a good sale on store brand Toilet Paper (30 rolls for $9.99) and a few people had shopping carts with 2 of those packages. The shelf was about half empty of that TP, but the rest of the aisle was full of National brand toilet paper and paper towels.  I did not see any panic buying like what is happening on the west coast.  No full cart of bottled water nor ravaged meat, dairy or produce departments.  I checked and the  n95 and P100 masks were gone.

Idaho has a historical prepping population among the long time residents.  Some is because of the weather, or religious based like the Mormon’s 1 year of supplies.  While we have a lot of newcomers the concept of preparing does move through communities via osmosis or cultural contamination.

I picked up some petit sirloin steaks for $2.99 a pound, a case of wet cat food,  another can of coffee and snack crackers, Ritz and Triscuits.   I lived on my food storage for about 6-8 weeks and I really missed having salty snacks.  I now have an air popper for popcorn and 10 pounds of popcorn but I really love salty snack crackers.  For you it might be a sugary treat or chocolate that is your little “comfort snack”.   I don’t have a sweet tooth but even I like a Snickers bar or Butterfinger once in awhile.  I have a small bucket full of “fun size” candy bars just for that occasional craving.  Get a few comfort food items for everyone in your family.  While you may not be able to buy soda, chips or chocolate bars while in quarantine.  You can get a small stock pile of snacks that can be special treats. Speaking for myself, just knowing I have a bit of chocolate or popcorn or crackers on hand makes me feel better and less likely to get a little crazy because I have a choice about eating the snack or saving it for later.

I’d say at this point assume you are going to among infected people every time you leave home.  I don’t think you need to go out in the public in a full HAZMAT suit but you will want to create some social distance (personal space) of a a couple of meters or about 6 feet.  Yes washing your hands a lot and being aware how much you touch your face is great advise for even mitigating against the normal FLU/Common cold.  If you have allergies, the sniffles, sneeze or cough wear a mask to contain the droplets! Have Cotton hankies that can be sanitize with washing and bleach if you don’t have masks.  Wear glasses to help protect your eyes from any spray via cough/sneeze.  Is it perfect protection? Of course not but if you keep that 6 foot social distance you should be okay.

PPE or personal Protective equipment is a bit like a locking your home’s door.  It is a second layer of defense against the virus after your personal hand washing, social distancing and building up your immune system. I started topping off my PPE in mid January and it was hit or miss getting stuff by the first of Feb. Don’t panic now as you have missed the best time to buy.  80% of people with corona virus tend to experience the FLU and recover. Supporting the patients with fluids, soup and treat the symptoms is probably good for the WU-FLU and probably better care than you can get in the hospital for mild cases.   We are past implementing the best thing in the USA via the national/federal government, some states are stepping up and doing better than the CDC or HHS.  You are on your own and you must decide what is best for your family and what risks you will take with your health. We will have to watch re-infections and wait and see if there is an auto-immune response like Giulliame-Barre/CIDP.  I have CIDP from a pneumonia infection several years ago and it is chronic condition.  It is not the end of the world as I live a pretty good life despite the fact I have some physical limitations.  I have flares some people never have flares. It’s just a bit hit and miss with an over zealous immune response to any disease.