Back to work

June 30, 2014

I was very surprised by how many hit I got on the not to late to prepare post. I have a small blog and  I get 100-200 hits a day on average so getting over 800 hits is a big deal.  My hope is there are some people who are wanting to get prepared and will take at least a few steps towards basic preparedness. Every person that prepares is one less “Zombie” to deal with and actually is a huge help in a disaster of any sort.

Any way back to work or at least back to class!  Mom and I made some of the pain relief salve.  I paid attention to how long it took to melt the beeswax, about an hour in my small crackpot set on Low. We used the 8 oz. of Coconut oil and 1 oz. of beeswax version and what is nice using the crock pot is you don’t need to babysit it while it melts.  I think you could also use a solar oven to melt the oil and beeswax but I have not tried that method yet.

While the beeswax and coconut oils were melting we watched a youtube video on making goats milk soap. I believe the gal that does these videos is named Amy and if you Google Essential Soap you should find her video classes.  We watched the goat’s milk video class on the Roku box in the living room.  This made it much easier than staring at a small PC monitor and is one of the best features offered by Roku.  Since my desktop PC died I am using the laptop and it is running on the slow side and video is very laggy overall.  I think the video would have been nearly unwatchable on the laptop.  I also got to show Mom how to use the search function for youtube vids on the Roku so I managed to add that as a quick class.

Speaking of the laptop and Desk top I downloaded the latest versions of  Comodo Internet suite and Malwarebytes to check out the laptop for any viruses. As far as the Desktop goes I’m ordering a new video card from on the first and hope that it will get me by for a couple of weeks until I can order the rest of the parts for the PC upgrade. I’m considering using Windows 7 as the Operating system since XP is no longer supported. So far the reviews for 7 look pretty good so I hope to report that it is a good upgrade.

Small shopping list to get Tuesday, straw for the modified drip water system for the front beds and some odd & ends. 100 degree temps by Thursday as summer really heats up. Looks like it is time to fire up the A/C unit for the rest of summer.