Chickens are moved and Kennel chicken run built.

February 19, 2018

Mom has been living in her new house this weekend.  We tore down the kennel that Mom uses for her chicken run and move it out to her new home.  We both knew it would bee a tough job and having an weather change with an ICY wind really made the job suck!  One of the kennel walls has a 4 x 8 foot chunk of OSB that made a bitch to move, but that OSB wall cuts the wind blowing into the little chicken door to the chicken house.  It was about 45 minutes prior to sunset when Mom opened the chicken door to the kennel and the birds had a blast scratching around in the protected ” Chicken Run”.

We still need to add a some top fencing to the kennel to keep out predators but we are looking at using green plastic garden/snow type fencing rather than adding chicken wire.  Mom likes to add a tarp to the top of the kennel to protect the birds from the weather and the plastic fencing won’t tear up the tarp like the metal chicken wire.  I’m still working on adding a light weight wood frame to support the kennel “roof” that will angled so snow will slide off rather than way down the fencing on the top of the kennel.

The weather has shifted, so instead of all the cold weather running down the east side of the Rockies and freezing you all back east it is our turn for cold weather with coming down the western slope of the Rockies.  Looks like Mom was right that FEB. and March being our cold months locally.  Heck you folks back east need some warmer weather and I hope flooding won’t be a problem.  I am doing very good on wood as all my pine seems to be burning well after having a couple of months to season naturally.  I prefer burning fruit wood or even Douglas fir rather than pine but after my mad scramble to find wood to burn last fall I have several full wood racks and even better a good plan to get a mix of fast & hot burning wood.  Plus the Dually pickup to get long burning fruit wood from the local Orchards.

I did have a have some bad news on my Dogs.  Diana the Peke passed away in her sleep after a great 15 years of life.  Tucker the peke got into a fight and pop out an eyeball and the eye could not be saved.  So the vet removed the eye and sewed the lid shut.  Tucker is doing darn good around the place thought he looks a bit like Popeye with his sewed lid.  Another $700.00 for Tucker’s surgery killed my newly created “emergency fund”.  Well it was an Emergency, so I guess it all worked out.  Going to take a few months being tight with funds to start building a new Emergency fund and get the new garden beds installed.  At the very worst I’ll have to use last years garden beds, which is not so bad in the grand scheme of things.



Tough and expensive couple of weeks.

February 16, 2018

Diana the peke died after 15  years.  I almost put her down 18 months ago but she bounced back.  This time she just was worn out and died in her sleep.  Diana had a great run and I like to think a pretty good life for a dog.  Tucker the peke picked another fight with Mom’s terrier Jackson and popped an eyeball.  Well Tucker lost the eye and the surgery was not an anticipated expense but he is healing well and now has a tough “piratical” look.  Hopefully we won’t have any more medical emergencies that require stitches the next few months.

Still moving Mom into her new place but this going back and forth is wearing us both out.  We got the electrical cord in conduit buried across the roadway.  Mom got a great deal on a washer/dryer delivered and installed and the appliance guys will give her a $75.00 credit for a glass top stove trade for an element top type stove.  I believe a glass stove is for people who seldom use a stove to cook.

I dropped off Mom’s portable Air conditioner unit but I’m not sure she will need it in her small home of 900 sq.ft.  As long as she is comfortable to sleep she should be good.  That means lower electrical costs in summer.

The big thing for Mom is taking care of her chickens.  The chicken house is moved to her place.  We add power via electrical cords that are run through pipe and have a small/temporary chicken run at Mom’s place.

Mom owning a home still is not quite real for her.  Well a few mortgage payments and utility bills should take care of that concept.  Mom can’t afford to pay me rent and have her own place and pay the bills.  She must strike out and make her own place and do her thing.  I’m not kicking her out I’m just trying to make her move as easy as possible.


Well we got Mom’s bedroom done now all we need to do is the bathroom and kitchen basics and the rest is easy.


Mom’s moving Update!

February 6, 2018

Mom got all of the rental storage sheds cleaned out before paying another month of rent, Huzzah!  Of course the house is sort of full of stuff that is not put away.  The chicken house has been moved and some temporary fencing is up for the chicken run.  In the next couple of days we should be able to move the chicken run “kennel” out to Mom’s place and finish setting it up for the birds.

We finished setting up Mom’s bed today and by the weekend we hope to have all the chickens moved to Mom’s new home.  I need to add the power out to the chicken house that is cheap but safe.  My plan is to run the extension cord though PVC pipe and then bury the pipe 6-12 inches deep across the driveway area so the cord does not get damaged.  This is a temporary fix until Mom can run power out to her shop/critter area.

We did have a bit of bad luck as Tucker lost an eye in a dog fight. I’m good on paying for the Vet bill but getting the work trailer and hitch installed will take another couple of months of saving up cash.   It often seems that when you build and “Emergency Fund”  an Emergency happens.  I still prefer moving cash around to pay the bill rather than not having any funds to pay an unexpected bill.

We are not done moving but by this weekend we should have enough done on the move that Mom can live in the house and then putter around finishing up the odds and ends.

Wood report

January 26, 2018

So far we have used about a cord of wood this winter.  The pine is seasoning very well and burns well in the wood stove.  My wood pile area is protected against rain/snow but gets all the breezes that helps dry wood.  My wood seems to dry/season better on my simple wood racks and Tarps as a cover, compared to having a roof over the wood.

Now it has been warm this winter and dry compared to last year.  So I consider this year’s wood use atypical for a normal winter.  Feb. and March can be cold and blustery but I’m sure my wood pile will last through this winter.

Moving Mom’s stuff: We got a few more boxes and some of the bigger pieces of furniture moved out of the rental storage sheds.  Moving heavy furniture is very tough for us and now we are passed the light stuff and have boxes of books to move along with the bookcases.  We are still painting and cleaning  and getting inspections done on the house.  While I complain about moving this winter, the weather has been very mild during the move.  Our biggest problem has been cleaning out the storage sheds so there is not another monthly storage fee.  As long as we clear out the rental storage units this week we should be good to go on the stuff Mom stored for free at my house.

Had a bit of an issue with the Chevy sputtering but we think it is old gas from the fuel tank that may have a bit of water in the fuel tank that may have set for a few months.  We added some gas and the Chevy made it home no problems.  The air cleaner is very dirty so that need to be changed out but it does not look like a problem with the fuel pump. We think it might be a bit of water in the fuel lines or gas tank.  Both Mom and I are buying non-ethanol gas for our vehicles so this problem should go away in time.

Great news the Garbage truck guys picked up all the chunks of carpet and bathroom vanities and stuff.  The driveway is cleared and we did not have to haul away that trash.

The weather is supposed to be a bit snowy, rainy and damp so we will focus on painting and cleanup this weekend.  Monday the 29th the movers will clean out the rental sheds and move the fridge. It’s all do able but it ain’t easy. Mom says if she has a fridge and a bed she can adapt but I’d like her to have a kitchen table and a sofa in the living room.

It should be simple to paint the walls and set stuff up for the last items to be moved into Mom’s house.  Simple does not mean easy and we are both tired so we have take that in consideration.  Gosh we have not even touched on moving the stuff I stored in my house.

If it was easy everyone would play the game.

Mom’s Moving update

January 24, 2018

Most of the contractor install jobs and painting are complete. Mom had a couple of ceiling fans installed to circulate the air.  New bathroom and kitchen vent fans installed and last but not least a wood stove and the chimney is lined with pipe for safe wood heat.

Ugh! oil based Kill-z is brutal to use in enclosed places.  I donated a water based Kill-Z paint for covering the Sheet rock  walls but Mom got some of the oil based stuff for the paneling.  Use two coats of the water based Kill-Z as the oil based stuff is horrible, semi-toxic to use indoors.

We are in a bit of a time crunch as we want to empty both of Mom’s storage sheds before she has to pay another month’s rent.  Stuff stored here at my house can wait as it costs nothing to store until Mom is ready for it.  Good news is Mom hired movers to get the heavy furniture and appliances moved and most of the painting is done so the house is ready for the big items to be set in place.  According to the weather guru’s we should have a dry 50 degree day for getting all that heavy furniture moved.

FYI for cleaning wax of a carpet:  Using an iron and some news paper to cleanup wax from a small spill should work great.  Cleaning up a large candle spill of several ounces of candle wax  is a bit of a lost cause.  I have to say I’m more impressed with my little Hoover carpet cleaner with the rotating brushes than ever, especially compared to using the Bissel carpet cleaners that use beater bars.  Home Depot is running a flooring “sale” right now and if you are looking for a basic carpet cleaner I’d recommend the Hoover cleaner with rotating brushes for $99.00 rather than the most expensive Bissel with a beater bar and all the “bells and whistles”.   The Hoover is simple to clean and has easy to replace parts.

Most of the painting is done though Mom needs to go over the Kill-Z paint with the Semi-gloss paint in her bedroom.  We are ready to start moving in Mom’s furniture and appliances from the shed.  What we are going to do is get all the small stuff and boxed up items out to the place and out of the storage sheds. If we are successful all the mover’s will have to move will be the heavy items that Mom and I can’t move ourselves.

Mom has spent a good chunk of money to make things easier for her in the long run but cash is a bit tight in the short term.  Such is life, when you got the money you don’t have the time and when you got the time, you don’t have the money to get things done!

Some good news for Spring is we may have the use of a back hoe to cleanup a few areas around Mom’s place!  While it is a mad dash right now getting Mom moved in this month. I’m looking forward to having the Chevy 1 ton for getting drive way rock and getting fruit wood for firewood from the local orchards.

What to do if you think you are getting NUKED!

January 20, 2018

First thing to remember is if you are outside of the blast zone area you have a great chance at survival!

Worst case scenario you are caught in the open during the blast.  You need to get below grade to protect yourself from the fire blast and then the back blast winds.  A nuke will create a huge heat wave at first and then all the air rush back to equalize the pressure.  So the first you will need to do is find protection from the blast waves.  Depending on where you are it might be the core of a sky scraper or an internal room of a home or even the shoulder of a road you are driving along.  Get low and get small in any area that offers protection in that first 10-15 minutes warning.   Think about the Nuke warning like folks think about tornado warnings.  You don’t have a lot of time but there are ways you can protect yourself.

A standing stick frame home can protect you against Alpha or Beta particles/waves.  Hell even a piece of paper will stop Alpha waves.  The Gamma rays/particles is what requires a lot of  air space or dirt/sand bags or lead.  The biggest danger of radiation is that it will rest on your skin for some time or that you will breathe it in or ingest it via food.  So if you are a prepper you have already stored non-nuked water and food so now all you need to do is clean off any fallout that has landed on your skin before you enter your shelter.  All that takes is you disrobing, using some clean non-nuked water and soap. outside your shelter and have clean non-nuke clothes to change into in your shelter.

Stay inside for about 14 days to wait for the radiation to mitigate and then clean up stuff after suiting up to protect against any fall out dust.  I know this is not an Apocalyptic scenario so loved by Hollywood but it is much closer to reality.  2 cities that where hit by small nukes.

Nagasaki Japan

Hiroshima Japan

These places don’t look like Nuclear waste lands. You should take precautions and get prepared for getting nuked.  Just like you plan for sort of disasters.

Personally I don’t think Hawaii would get nuked at this time.  Really people don’t care about the Fukishima melt down. So how much would they care about Hawaii getting bombed.  I think the Norks would try to do a high altitude EMP burst to take out the grid or hit a major city like Seattle, LA or Chicago so the USA is busy with cleanup.  I think little Kim is crazy but he isn’t stupid.  The Norks can’t take out a USA retaliatory  nuke strike so most of this is bluff and bluster from Kim.   That is not to say that Russia or China or any other nuke powers could not send over a missile if they think it is a good play.  Or even some terrorists could set off a “dirty bomb” but not a nuke strike.  I think Japan would be hit before Hawaii and I think the Norks would try and hit the Continental USA before nuking Hawaii.

Stop beating up the Dems in Hawaii over this drill.  Yes it sucked but it did wake people up about getting prepared.  I’m more peeved that people did not know what to do if a ballistic missile was inbound.  Can you imagine if the same warning was given to the West coast of the USA?

I don’t require the “button pusher” to be fired.  It was a mistake but a good test for the people.  Damn you dropped your kids in the sewers!  What would they eat and drink if the alert was real!






Camper is off the truck

January 15, 2018

Thank you Randy the youtube links helped a lot.  Unloading the camper took all morning as we were learning and could only lower one jack at a time.  Plus we were also dealing with slightly sloped ground.   I have to say lowering the jacks was a bit nerve racking as I was afraid I drop the camper on her “nose”.  The camper is down resting on wood pallets and I put the camper jacks down so they help stabilize the camper but the jacks are not holding the weight of the camper.

Mom got a great deal on her wood stove but the existing chimney needs a new liner to be safe and to code.  I don’t knock those that DIY chimney installs when they know what they are doing.  Speaking for myself I know enough to know I don’t know enough to install a chimney. Mom has a smoke alarm/ carbon monoxide alarm along with a mounted fire extinguisher in the kitchen to deal with any small fires.

It has been a little pricey for mom to relocate the  house water main shut off in the utility closet. As Mom is not physically able to jump in the crawl space and turn off the water main the valve needed to be moved for her.  I have never heard any one complain that the water main, gas main or breaker boxes are too easy to access.

Some good news I may have the materials to donate to Mom for making her shop a bit more weather resistant.  I forgot that I had aluminum fascia in my shop.  While this fix will not be weather proof it should be much more weather resistant than a hole in the shop roof.

The new wood floor should be finished so we can start moving in furniture. I need to make the shop semi secured, clean up the wax on the bedroom carpet.  Finish scrubbing the bedroom carpet.  Tape off the the interior for painting with Kill-Z and start painting the interior walls.  We want to empty Mom’s storage units before another monthly fee is charged.

Things are a bit crazy at the moment but it will all work out in time.