Wood delivery and stacking in 100+ F.

August 1, 2020

This is FUN!!! ūüėČ

Based on my firewood delivery experience, the first thing is you must have space for the wood delivery to be “dumped” or a place for the wood to land if it is thrown off the truck.¬† I’m lucky with my home. My shop has a good 6- 8 foot set back of ground available that fire wood can sit without impeding any traffic or parking in the alley. I know tend to get a little peeved if someone blocks my car’s access to being parked in my shop.¬† I assume other people might be peeved if their access is blocked to their parking/access.¬† This sort of thing does happen to everyone but if everyone limits the interruptions to access most people are okay with a minor inconvenience.¬† If you have a small amount of space for a wood delivery try and make sure all access ways are cleared for your neighbors in 4-8 hours.¬† I think that is reasonable especially if you give them a “heads up” on the delivery time.

Any hoo ,I got 2 cords of Doug fir¬† and 1 cord of white fir delivered and my delivery person told me the Doug fir had been split that morning.¬† The new Doug fir needs more time to dry and season! The white fir seems to be dry though a little more time to season it would probably make for a more efficient firewood. I’m sure some people will hate on white fir as a firewood as it has a lower BTU rating to most hardwoods.¬† I burned poplar last year and it had a BTU rating of 12-14 per cord and white fir is 18-22 in the firewood BTU rating per cord. I did not mind using poplar for firewood! It was the cheapest by the cord and it made a great fast burning fire and mixed with doug fir it kept my house warm in the winter.¬† Adding a cord of White fir will probably make the wood stove heat better compared to using the poplar I used last year. If any one is willing to deliver oak, maple or other hardwoods cut and split to my house in Idaho for under $300.00 per cord. I’d be happy to place an order with you.

I have become fond of my wheelbarrow since Mom got it fixed¬† with brackets and a new wheel. I’ll admit I bought the wheal barrow on the cheap, but now it is awesome tool to move fire wood and getting the wood stacked.

The weather in SW Idaho has been mild at least as far as Summer and winter temp. are concerned. But the late July temps. spiking into 100+ range is a throw back to similar weather in the early 1980’s of hot dry summers and very cold -20 F. degree cold for a month¬† or two that happened in the late 70’s early 80’s.¬† I’m not saying this winter will be extra cold, but based on my life experience I’m prepping for a very cold but dry winter.¬† A cord of wood is 128 sq.ft.¬† Now the fire wood stacks are usually 4 ft wide x 4 ft. by 8 ft. long.¬† ¬†You can stack wood however you like , be it 6 ft. wide, 5 ft. tall and 12-8 feet long.¬† As long as you pay and get a full cord of 128 square feet Over/Under¬† within a margin of error of stacked wood. You have a cord of wood if it equals 128 square feet, proved via calculator.¬† I am stacking a wood pile that is Approx. 5 feet tall 6 feet wide and 18 feet long. The math is easy multiply 5 ft. x 6 ft.x 18 ft. and divide the sum by 128s q. ft. =¬† your cords of stack of fire wood.¬† It’s a little over 4 cords of fire wood. I’m guessing the fire wood will fill up the space I have measured out. If some one is selling a cord of fire wood make sure you are getting a full cord of 128 sq. ft. of fire wood. If you buy a “face” cord of 4 ft. x 8 ft. and 16-18 inches deep don’t pay full price for a fire wood.

I learned the hard way about buying firewood and while I was willing to buy a  Cord of fire wood at the stated price I did not always get a cord of fire wood.  I have not tried this but if a firewood supplier does not deliver close to 128 sq. feet/ cord of fire wood. You could take them to small claims court.  That is a less than optimal choice. Find a good business  locally that delivers what they say, and boost the good suppliers. The majority of people are not assholes. They are just trying to make a living and live a good moral life.  Some times folks get a bit lazy/greedy and you can demand they deliver what the promise.  That is not a bad thing holding people to what the promise to deliver.  Holding people accountable takes some effort.

Over all I’m pleased with my wood delivery. Stacking wood in 100+ F.¬† is not fun dealing with disability . I figure¬† I’ll get the wood stacked in a week.¬† I’ll have at least 2 years worth of fire wood on hand for a “normal winter”.

Bathroom is looking great! I added the second A/C unit in the bedroom

July 21, 2020

Mom stopped by and she really liked how the bathroom paint job turned out. I’m very happy how well I did cutting in the corners and edges though I have a couple of little boo boos on the ceiling.¬† Mom suggested using a ” flat” paint on the ceiling because that may hide any imperfections and I can test that out as I’m going to use a “ZIP” covering primer to the ceiling first and that should give me a good idea about how good the flat latex¬† white ceiling paint will look in the bathroom.¬† I am going to tape the walls before I paint the ceiling in the bathroom because the tape job is fairly simple, I would like clean lines and working over head can be fatiguing so I’ll need help to keep “inside the lines”.

I finished up my complete wimp out to the 100 degree F. temps today and installed the second small window A/C unit.¬† I won’t say it was unbearably hot trying to go to sleep but it was uncomfortable.¬† Now that the entire house can cool down at night and my window fans are still easy to install to take advantage of the night time cool off. I hope in a couple of days cooling down the house, I can raise the A/C temps a little bit, so I don’t drive up my power cost.¬† So far this summer I’m keeping my electric bills a lot lower compared to last year but Mama Nature kicked on the heat this month so all I can do is adapt.

I found another “crazy choice” by the previous owner while painting the bathroom and it was the darn toilet paper holder.¬† ¬†They used 2.5 inch long bolts/nuts screwed into what I assume was a metal plate of some sort that was encased within the walls.¬† I will grant they used small bolts but it is a “Toilet Paper holder” not some sort of weight bearing object/hand rail!¬† The only thing I can imagine is the bathroom drywall installation happened first and the toilet paper roll holder was bolted in place before the bedroom drywall was installed. The guy installed a nice solid grab bar in the shower, all of the other towel racks were installed with basic drywall anchors. All I can imagine is if the Nukes hit Idaho, he would scream to his wife “grab the toilet roll Mabel” and yet he choose a plastic toilet roll insert to hold the TP roll.

Just the joys of owning an 100 year old house with lots of character and a bit of minor¬† remodel insanity of “It seemed like a good idea at the time”.

I”m sorry but I have noticed the previous owner sort of half assed the bath and shower areas. The tub looks solid and the shower pan in the small bathroom looks solid but the walls look all pieced in with glue and no proper anti mold “green board” backer and the use of a lot of glue/caulk to seal many DIY projects .¬† Does a cement board need¬† a water resistant barrier if you want to install tile? Should a person install an anti-mold green drywall first and cement board on top of the green board before tilling?¬† Perhaps I’m over thinking this project but I’m interested in what you have to say.

This is a good home, not just a good house that has stood for over 100 years.¬† I have no family at this time that I think deserves this house. I’m thinking of willing it to vet organization so some trooper can have a home.¬† I also want to fix up this house properly as I can afford to pay and I don’t want to half ass the job. But I also want to do as much work myself and I’m getting more educated about doing stuff.

Pray for me I’m going to try using my router. I may fail on the garden cart but I have a small hand planer as backup.¬† ūüėČ

Bathroom painted and added one A/C unit

July 20, 2020

I wimped out and the 95-100 degree F. heat in the last week and foretasted for at least another 10-14 days made me install the portable/window A/C units.¬† If it cooled at night to the low 60’s I could probably get by but at night it is in the 70’s and my fans can’t cool the house enough with over night at that temperature to keep the house comfortable during the day.¬† last year I built a little wooden frame to help the portable A/C unit air intake fit the window opening.¬† I added a bit of thermal barrier that looks like bubble wrap encased in something like Mylar.¬† ¬†This an easy to use thermal barrier for insulating for odd shaped spaces.

If any of you have used one of the¬† “portable” A/C units the hose is a beast to deal with and the little plastic bracing that comes with is mediocre at best. I made a little wood frame that fit my window and had thermal barrier that covered all of the window opening.¬† An A/C unit in a window is not effective if the open window lets in hot air. I used many “colorful metaphors” getting that bit of wood frame work correct last year. This year it took me less than 5 minutes to install the window outside air intake for the A/C unit.¬† I literally took me longer to roll the unit in place, plug it in,that it took me to install the little thermal barrier wood frame for the window.¬† Perhaps it is just me but I tend to be caught off guard when something I to work/build to make life easier, actually makes a job quicker or¬† works much easier than I anticipated. I tend to get a bit anxious as it should not be this easy…

I painted the small bathroom without taping off the edges and overall, it went well.¬† I have been wanting to paint a semi-gloss paint in the bathroom to make it easier to clean the walls. I do have few spots to touch up but doing the “cut out” /trim work first seemed to work good for me. The blue paint dried darker than I anticipated, but I’m very happy with the results of the paint job.¬† Now the paint looks good and I’m noticing the rest of the bathroom does not look so good.¬† I spend some time pondering why a person would work so hard to not make something lasting or simply go cheap. Well¬† I have been there and done that ,so I should not be all high and mighty about peoples choices because I don’ know why the made the choices they make. That is okay¬† ¬†just because I don’t understand peoples choices¬† does not make them bad/evil people.¬† Just different and different can be a good choice,

I seem to be adapting to summer heat better this year

July 18, 2020

This year’s spring/summer transition was very mild and lasted over a couple of months (May June) to what I consider the normal/abrupt transition from spring to the heat starting in May.¬† Sure got some hot 95-100 F. days but it cooled down to around 85 F and the nights cooled off to 60-65 degrees F.¬† Now SW Idaho is getting back up to several days in a row of 95-100 degrees F. weather like most summers in a desert.

Most of you know I cut down a huge but dying shade producing tree in May. While the tree did keep the front yard cooler, I don’t think it helped keep the house cooler. Adding the new siding and windows seems to be what is keeping the house cooler the last couple of years not shade trees.¬† I got the window blinds hung better and they do make a difference on how fast the hose warms up.¬† So I have been proactive on closing the blinds and curtains when the sun hit the windows in the heat of the day.¬† Also the vinyl siding I had installed does not seem to absorb heat like the old wood siding, but I there is a thin layer of reflective insulation and another air pocket between the old siding and new siding that seems to insulate the house in both hot and cold weather.

Perhaps I got used to having a warmer house in winter using a wood stove that could get very warm or I slowly got used to having a warmer house this summer.¬† Last summer I’d¬† have to install the Air Conditioner if the temp. was over 75-78 degrees F. especially if it was during sleeping time.¬† I have not install any Air conditioners this summer though I do have them on standby if I need them to sleep.¬† I did not acclimatize so much to temperature outdoors as I acclimatized to the temperature indoors without using Air Conditioning. I have a basement and I use fans to spread that cool air around part of the house. I use a lot of window fans to not only blow in cool air but try and suck out hot air in the house. I have 3 ceiling fans to circulate air and I live in a low humidity desert so I know 90 degrees in Georgia with 90-100% humidity is nothing like 100 degrees F. in Idaho with 30% humidity. I was stationed by the Army in Augusta GA during a heat wave and that was a sneak peak into Hell if Cervantes was correct. ūüėČ

Speaking for myself I did not install the Air Conditioning units to save money on my electric bill. My “central air unit” is old and costly.¬† Installing a couple of small window Air conditioners was cheaper than repairing/replacing an old AC unit.¬† What I have found is I did not need to acclimatize my self to the out doors.¬† I needed to find my own comfort zone indoors.¬† It becomes relative standing on rock at 100 degrees F. is hot and walking into your home that is 75-78 degrees F. is very cool in comparison.

Speaking for myself, I have learned I don’t need a a cold room that is 68 degrees F. to get a good nights sleep.¬† I can use fans to circulate air and be comfortable and save a ton of money on my electric bill.¬† By not using my little A/C units in my house I’ve become more acclimatized to hot weather outside my house. Because my home is my sanctuary. Do you find yourself setting the temp. in your home based on that the government tells you what is appropriate?¬† You pay your bills for what you use and the government should have no say about the comfort level you are allowed.

Last but not least I made some of the artisan bread and using the vent fan  over the oven and the house did not get all hot. Gosh I have been buying store bought bread and I forgot how good home made bread tastes.

I’m now using the face shield rather than the N95 masks and at least it is working good for me as I have a physical barrier and I’m not getting accosted for not wearing a mask.¬† I masked up in March because I was in a vulnerable group.¬† I hate masks because it feels like living in a sauna in July.¬† But I have to protect me and no one else is responsible for my life but me. I was pro flatten the curve, protect the vulnerable and yes the covid positive rate would increase, but you would think people are dying in the streets via MSM media! Most people are not even getting that sick, let a lone dying in the streets.

Use common sense in protecting yourself.¬† Most Covid Official responses are politicized. If you are in a vulnerable group wear a mask or at least a face shield if you can’t handle a social group of people, stay home. If you are at risk no one is forcing you to go to a bar!¬† If you are depending on other people to protect you from this virus. You are an idiot!¬† I’m at risk person and I have worn a mask since March. I asked no one to not spread the virus to me.¬† I have move to a transparent face shield rather than a mask. Because I hate the N95 mask and I think the shield is a good compromise.¬† Is it perfect? NO! Stop snitching on people. Educate and be a good role model.¬† I say a “good” role model and not a perfect role model.


If you don’t cover your nose with a mask you don’t understand the purpose of the mask. If you remove the mask to speak you don’t understand the purpose of the mask. No one is obliged to make you feel safe.

Vinegar weed killer is working and shifting to a face shield rather than a mask

July 11, 2020

The 30% vinegar is killing some of the weeds.¬† I was not very methodical spraying/soaking down the weeds but most weeds (green/leafy types) are turning brown and dying back.¬† It looks like some of the cheat grass is also turning brown and dying back where I focused on spraying the vinegar.¬† The morning glory die back seems a little hit and miss, but I did not methodically¬† spray those plants during the first test spray.¬† I bought another gallon of the 30% vinegar and¬† will spray down the weeds in full sun but during cooler morning temps to see if that makes the vinegar more or less effective.¬† I found a small “puncture vine/goat head weed, so I can test the vinegar on on that weed.¬† I won’t be cutting down the weeds for a couple of days because I want to see if the leaves pull the vinegar down the plant and help kill the root system.¬† I can see the vinegar whither leaves, but it is possible that adding that much acid to the alley way gravel/soil is changing the ph balance enough that weeds can no longer thrive in the soil.¬† Early days for this experiment but the results are looking promising!

UPDATE:  Spraying the weeds in full sun does make the vinegar spray more effective!  The vinegar spray did not have any noticeable affect on puncture vines/goatheads.  So far the 30% vinegar seems to kill back Morning glory, cheat grass and most weeds with green leafy parts even small leaves.

I’m very tired of wearing a mask!¬† I wear a mask because I’m responsible for my safety as an immuno-comprised person.¬† I’m¬† not making a political statement!¬† I’m in in the at risk population so it is on me to mitigate my risk.¬† I have no right to demand other people other people do something to make me feel safe.¬† Masks only help reduce the risk of spreading or catching the covid virus it is not a get out being sick card.¬† Covid can also spread via the eyes but few people outside of medical personnel wear basic safety glasses.¬† I’m shifting to using a transparent face shield rather than mask.¬† I figure I should be about as safe as using a mask and the face shield will be much more comfortable to wear during the summer months.¬† There might be a social distrust that people feel at an instinctive level about mistrusting masks covering parts of the face.

We humans are social animals and facial expressions are a part of our communication and if half of your face is covered up you miss facial cues in that communication.¬† A face shield protects everyone from most droplets but you can also see a persons facial expression and they don’t look like a bandit or a doctor. Both creatures that can leave your bank account depleted.¬† ūüėČ

I picked up a couple of these facial shields from Lowes for $9.98 and it is cheap china crap that should cost about $2.00 but I can’t make the product I want so I have to buy what is available locally.¬† I have an industrial strength Face shield I bought awhile back for dealing with lye for soap making that was a “little over the top” for safety but it still works as a protective barrier.¬† We might need masks if a new flu/pandemic happens again and what you have today, might be all you have for that disaster.¬† An easily sanitized plastic face shield will conserve those expensive masks for the next pandemic and you have a face shield or two.

Be flexible and adapt. Just because you can’t get one item does not mean there are not a bunch of items you can buy or build to make your life better every day.¬† Can’t buy masks buy a propane tank and BBQ/learn to cook outdoors.¬† Look for alternatives to buying from the big mega corporations. I’ll admit I have used the big box stores and Amazon.¬† I’m trying to use the local stores as much as possible.¬† ¬†I use True Value Hardware stores and online ordering as much as possible as the owner of the store is local.

Take a look outside of pop culture and read classical books. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a book I had heard about and “Uncle Tom” was used as a pejorative.¬† Yet Tom was faithful unto being whipped to death and did not give up a slave escaping the south/slavery.¬† What else could be asked of this man, this character in the book?¬† Read the book, Uncle Tom was no boot licker.¬† He was almost Christ like in his willingness to be whipped/scourged¬† by Simon Legree.¬† I have no problem critiquing Uncle Tom’s Cabin as a book. Tom would never bend the knee to any man despite being a slave and refused until death.¬† I’m not black but I’d be proud to be called an Uncle Tom by the mob.¬† I’m not as noble or self sacrificing as Tom.¬† Read the book and don’t let other people tell you what the book means.¬† Everyone should read Uncle Tom’s cabin because it it is a study of humanity. Good people do good in the face evil and don’t change because they see themselves as doing¬† good.

Is the Declaration of Independence a good document?  The flawed human authors is irrelevant.  Is the Declaration of independence good or bad?  Is the US Constitution a flawed document. Good or bad, regardless of the type/character of people that wrote the document? Socialism is bad because it forces people into being slaves to a collective good ,that changes based on cost/benefit that is a capitalistic business prospective.  Communism is bad based simply on the death count over the last 200+ years.

Many that want to kill/destroy the US constitution are working to put themselves out of work.¬† If you destroy the US Constitution there is no reason for a Representatives in the House nor Senators in DC.¬† Abolish the Us Constitution and you, Ilhan Omar are nothing in your state.¬† If you abolish the Constitution what will prevent states going there own way?¬† Do you think Idaho will contribute tax dollars to pay your wage if you dissolve the constitution?¬† All states will break apart and find new trade deals and the States will trade as regional powers.¬† The 4 corner states will hold up Cali for water rights and electricity. Without Federalism in the USA every state will try and protect it’s people and the state economy. Just a couple of breaks in any supply chain will destroy a city.¬† Truckers are saying they won’t go into cities without cops.¬† Good luck to you cities that want goods delivered locally.

You have to deliver!¬† Well no, if I don’t if I feel safe.¬† People have agency they can make choices and what you want is irrelevant to their choices. Cops don’t have to be cops in NYC or wherever… They can quit and go be cops in place that support cops. Doctors can leave hospitals, professors can become tutors. Landlords can refuse to rent and barkeeps can refuse to sell you booze.

The only thing you have to do in this life is die. Everything else is a choice! 

What a strange summer! 2020 has been LIT so far

July 4, 2020

Sorry for not posting for awhile. My body seems to be going through a bit of a CIDP flare and honestly I have not been getting a lot of projects done.¬† I’m trying to get back into the “habit” of work again but I think I developed something like a “Bunker Mentality”while my CIDP was flaring up. Taking it easy physically during the bad weather or flare is okay but for me I escalated into laziness and procrastination and did not force myself to do even 15 minutes of work to break me out of that mental hunkered down mode.¬† I will say I have had a few good days of getting yard work done during the BUNKER period and have some new stuff to report to all of you .

I waited on finishing the garden cart bed until I could buy the wide 5 5/8 in cedar fence boards.¬† The wider boards just look better to me for the raised bed wall compared to skinnier cedar boards.¬† If you prefer using more of the less wide fence boards go for it!¬† That is the nice thing about building something yourself.¬† You get to make what you want rather than buying something from the store and making it work for you.¬† I have built a few items out wood like my kindling wood box and my firewood racks and while those projects are functional they are not pretty/ something I’d be proud to show off.¬† I want this raised bed/garden cart to be something I want to show off a bit but mostly something beautiful I see everyday and know I built that and I did a darn good job.¬† I’m also adding some extra 2x4s under the plywood base for strength to hold the weigh of the dirt, water and plants.¬† It might be some over engineering on my part but holding in a lot dirt and water exposed to air is not the best environment for wood structures.

Of course I had to go to the local home improvement store to get lumber and Home depot had a huge display of 1 gallon 30% acidity vinegar for $20.00.¬† I had bought 32 oz. of high acid vinegar for my local farm store for the same price.¬† I filled up my sprayer and attacked the weeds in the alley way. Now it was a hot day in the 90 degree F. range but the area was in the shade when I sprayed. After about 30-60 minutes broad leaf thistle plants withered.¬† I will give an update on the effects on Morning glory, cheat grass and all other weeds I can Identify.¬† I won’t use Round up or weed killers like that because that sterilizes the soil.¬† While a 30% acid¬† vinegar base may seem extreme I have very alkali soil. At worst I’m adding some ph balance to the poor soil in my alley way.¬† ¬†Weeds are Mama Natures Paramedics to help even poor soil stay in place. You can’t be mad a weeds because they grow where ever they are allowed to grow.¬† I have stored up a lot of less than positive colorful for the people that plant Morning glory and some seem to be nice people besides being gardening lunatics!¬† I hope the high acid will start killing back the weeds but especially the Morning Glory.

I got all of the soaker hoses laid out in the 10 foot long raised beds.¬† If you are using standard 5/8th hose fittings you will need to use 1 1/4 inch holes saw or spade bit to feed¬† hoses through the wood of a 2 inch thick raised bed board. At least I won’t be watering all the weeds outside my raised bed gardens.¬† I gathered up another ball of morning glory and tossed it the trash bin.¬† My hope is that the very acidic 30% vinegar will kill off at least the morning glory.¬† If it kills off other weeds, that is all the better.

Time to start getting your firewood heating taken care of. Hiring a good chimney sweep in July is easy,¬† You might even be given a discount because you are ahead of the masses that want a chimney sweep just as the weather turns cold in the Fall.¬† Most folks that burn fire wood suggest that wood dry/season for a over year.¬† That might not be possible for everyone but getting firewood in summer and have it dry through summer is possible for most people.¬† You really want a stack that lasts 3 years at min. because dry wood burns cleaner and heats your home more efficiently. I’m also in control of my heat and no one else. Not the electric company, or the government nor any mobs.

It would be difficult use to me as disabled Vet as a victim.¬† Because I’m not a victim at all.¬† I may disagree with stuff but overall my life is darn good.¬† I’ve hit rock bottom and managed to climb out of my screw ups. They were my screw ups believing the government and advertisements and hype.¬† I don’t do that so much any more.

Last but not least stop supporting companies that despise you!¬† Amazon, Walmart google, twitter… You get the idea. I may buy from from Amazon but the won’t be my first choice for shopping.¬† OMG I may have to wait 5-7 day to get a product.


Over all not a bad bit of work if not all I wanted to get done.


The Garden cart is started and some chores got done

June 25, 2020

Finally the front yard got mowed and goodness the grass was tall.¬† I emptied the grass clippings bag four times for a lawn that is not that big.¬† I have one of those big 65 gallon trash bins and I estimate I filled it about 2/3’s full with just grass clippings.¬† I did not anticipate how much faster the grass and other weeds/plants in the front yard would grow after the big tree was cut down.¬† I cleaned up an cut back most of the growth but now I have much more new growth of my pine shrub, a volunteer tree and many weeds.¬† While I anticipated cutting down the tree would change the front yard eco-system/climate. I did not anticipate the how fast I’d see the growth on many plants/weeds.¬† I’m trying to catch up to the massive changes happening on the front yard and plant beds.

I have tested out the “blade cutters” with the Ryobi weed wacker on the weeds in the alley and the grape vines.¬† You don’t want to use the blades around a tree, stone surface or fence but the blades do a good job cutting vines, thistle and “cheat” grass. The blades will send gravel flying and some woody stems might sting/cut you if you are in shorts. I think if you are wearing jeans or heavy cloth pants you would not suffer any minor injuries or notice what materials the blades “kick” up.¬† For a $15.00 purchase I think the cost is okay for the Ryobi weed wacker.

I have started building the Garden Cart and so far so good.¬† I’m not a carpenter by any stretch of the imagination but I have learned is dry fit every¬† bit of wood before you screw and glue.¬† It is also okay to make a mistake, that is how you learn. My “concept” is a small but deep soil bed planter that looks good and will fit on a balcony, on a patio next to BBQ or for a person with limited mobility to have a small “garden bed/planter box” of herbs, flowers or vegetables.¬† Total dimensions¬† of the box are 2 ft wide by 4 feet long and approx. 3 feet tall. The dirt will fill the box will be approx.12-18 inches deep. I’m using¬† basic/cheap 2x4s for the legs, 1/2 inch plywood. My idea for this garden cart is it will be easy to move to a new location and for easy access/easy to work planter beds.

I’m going to paint the plywood with enamel paint to seal it against rot. I’m using cedar fence wood as the side panels and I think finding a window or chunk of glass to add on top of the little garden cart is possible in the future.¬† Once I get the box finished I’ll post pics and you can start your own little garden box.¬† Actually I’m sure many people have made the same sort of garden box,¬† I just have not seen it explained/laid out.

At the end of the day you must do or do not, it is your choice.¬† I can find all sorts of reasons not to do something, but I still have to cut the grass and weed the garden.¬† Golly Jamie you don’t realize how oppressed you are by living in a state that grows food, meat and building products.

I’m trying not to install my small A/C units. I can live with it being up to 80 degrees F. indoors if I can use my window fans to drop the temp. at night.¬† Adding vinyl siding and insulation the house holds heat/cold add more fans to save on electric costs.

You must save you/your family.¬† You are on your own for survival. Get to thinking outside the box…


The stress is getting to me despite all my prepping!

June 21, 2020

My CIDP flared up and I am way behind on all the stuff I have wanted to get done, or at least get started on some new projects. Don’t get me wrong I’m doing darn good overall. I got the big dying tree cut down. parts of the garden is doing good and I’m lucky on the money situation because of my little payments of SSD and VA disability. I have gone almost 8 months trying to get by on $300.00 per month and face a foreclosure, repos and credit card companies demanding payment when you got no money. If it wasn’t for my parents helping me out I would have lost everything. I really do understand the level of desperation when you can’t physically work, but it seems worse to me that people are not allowed to work by government edict.

I got some new power tools bought and I am excited about using them on a few projects I’m chasing around in my head. I got the Ryobi brad nailer. I’m going to try it out on outdoor projects first. I hope in the long run it will help install “finishing” wood work around the inside of the house. Plus some of the other projects that up to 2 inch nails could speed up building compared to driving screws. Before you say, Jamie just use a nail and hammer. I’ll let you know I have never driven a nail into a chunk of wood. At best I have “scared” some nails into the wood.

I’m testing out a plastic blade cutter for the Ryobi weed wacker and so far it looks okay for what I want to do with the tool. I took down several thistle and some larger weeds. I attacked the grape vines and the blades cut through all of the green vines. I would not say this attachment is a true “bushwacker” but for cutting down thicker weeds or green vines I think it has potential, if you already own a Ryobi weed wacker. I bought the version that had a couple or back up plastic blades and plastic .65 mm weed cutters to replace the blades. Not perfect but at the very least you could replace that nylon twine forever with a spool of .65 line. Though it might get a bit tedious at times.

I got the 4 1/2 inch Ryobi battery powered grinder to play around with the basic grinding /sanding wheel. I have a wood kindling cutting stump that not level and a bit mushy in places. This will be a great test of the sanding ability of the grinder wheel. In time I want to cut off all the rusted screws of the little chicken house and make a template from all the walls of this “cheap” chicken house and make the house out of quality wood materials and not just door skin/cheap laminate wood.

I want to make a bar/counter top in my small kitchen. I have two, 2x12x8ft boards and wood glue. Now do I have to compress the boards for the wood glue to make a tight bond? Or can I just add a couple of 1×2’s to hold the glued boards together. Feedback is appreciated.

First garden bed soaker hose is done

June 11, 2020

I got the first garden bed set up with a soaker hose. I’m moving away from using a sprinkler to more water goes into the garden bed and not watering the weeds outside the garden bed. Overall I’m pleased with the results though it is not a true “drip irrigation system” . The first big bonus is 25 foot soaker hoses are relatively cheap and will water my 10 foot long raised garden beds without watering a lot of the ground outside of the garden beds.

Lessons learned : Drilling through 2×4 with the hole drill tool is tough. What I did was start drilling the hole on one side of the 2×4 use a drill bit to mark the center of the hole and then finish drilling out the hole from the other side of the board. I’m sure there are people that will say “any idiot knows…” I am that idiot and I did not know, though it seems apparent after trying to drill a large hole through one side of a 2×4. It can’t work, but if you use a a drill bit to set the same hole from the other side of the 2×4 you can make a hole for the hose.

If I can afford to to put in a drip irrigation system in the future most of the work is done so using the soaker hoses is a “test” or proof of concept of a drip irrigation system done on the cheap!

How are are the garden plants doing? The lettuce, swiss chard and spinach is growing very well. The Bok choy looks like a bust again. My sweet and dent corn seem to be growing but the Squash and pole beans seem to be a bust. The tomitillos and herbs are doing great but the tomatoes and peppers are lagging. I need to get on top of the weeding and make the watering more focused on the plants because the weather is “wonky” with a couple of days of 90 F. degree heat for a couple of days and then dropping into 60 F. degree heat + rain. This is hard for farmers and gardeners because the expected/normal weather is not happening.

I’m going to finish adding the soaker hoses to all my garden beds and get some more winter squash plant starts to fill in my garden beds. Mama nature is fickle you can do everything correct according to the books and get nothing out of your garden. You can do almost everything wrong and get food from your garden. Doing the real work of making soil, weeding and know when and what to plant will matter over a few growing seasons. Any work you do for a garden seems to pay off at least 6-12 months later! Failure is only an opportunity to try new stuff and you will fail, that is how you learn!

Shopping opportunities in sales and I’m getting a little tired of the BS in the USA

June 5, 2020

Both my local Fred Meyer and Albertsons have a Buy 5 items get a lower price. I’m not sure it is all stores but in my area you can mix and match all items that are on buy a mix of any five items and get the lower price.  I have been restocking my coffee but it is on that 5 for a good sale price along with peanuts, cheese, butter, milk, marinades etc.  As you can imagine you can easily shop those items mix and match some thing like a can of coffee, peanuts, marinades, cheese, a pound of butter and not spend a lot of money.  You can get one or more of these items and you can make a more flavorful meal, have a snack bowl of nuts and that is me just doing a quick look at the local ad on the internet.  If your stockpile is a little low on an item you can buy  a couple of those items and still buy other items that get you the discount.

For example: I bought coffee just to get stocked up but I didn’t buy the coffee I preferred. Now I can add a couple of cans of coffee I like as long as I buy some item on the FAB 5 sale.

  • I love snacking on peanuts and I’m trying to build up my “snacking preps” stockpile. I can add 2 jars of peanuts.
  • My butter reserves in the freezer got used and needs to be resupplied.  So add 2-3 pounds of butter.
  • June is “Dairy month” and all sorts of cheeses are on sale.  I don’t care what any one says a grilled cheese sandwich, tuna melt or Quesadillas is an awesome quick snack or part of a good meal.
  • Marinades and salad dressings be flavor multi-taskers.  Almost every cheap cut of meat can benefit from marinade. You can make a good meal/different meal giving chicken an Italian dressing marinade or a London Broil cut of beef a marinade in French dressing and I don’t like French dressing on a salad!  Lots of people seem to like bleu cheese with beef. You could make a a meatloaf but rather than adding ketchup or tomato sauce add bleu cheese salad dressing.  It is up to you and don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • You must have the ingredients on hand before you experiment.  If some of your meals fail and that will probably happen to you. Now is the time to learn when food is plentiful and supply chains are working.  Experimenting on marinades on a dollar a pound chicken or even a 2 dollar pound pork chop is different to experimenting on a 7-10 dollar a pound rib eye steak.

Onto the Whuflu. I still believe good masking up and sanitation protocols should be every ones default in a pandemic situation.  I don’t think I over reacted for myself, but I never claimed shutting down small businesses was a good response. I started wearing a mask around the 2nd week of March because I have an immuno disease and had pneumonia in the past. I was protecting myself and had no affect on other people.  Today I walked into a bank and they asked me not to use a mask in the lobby.  I was surprised to say the least and all of the banks focus was about security.  It is their business and the can set the rules for what is acceptable risk for themselves.

I was an early adopter of wearing a mask about mid March and I was looked at as crazy. I don’t wear mask for status points. I wear a mask because I’m immune compromised.  You all should be able to get back to work, back to making money on your businesses. I wear a mask because I’m protecting myself! I didn’t mind shutting down the school system because I think schools are indoctrination stations.  Wear a mask, don’t wear mask I don’t care. I wear a mask because I think it will protect myself.  You wearing a mask is irrelevant to me.  No, I’m not going to shame you if you don’t wear a mask.  You do you and you are the one taking the risk not me. That is freedom and it is messy sometimes.  If I’m wrong the Wuflu simply becomes another flu/common cold strain and I’m good with that out come.I have not taken a vaccine of any sort  since I have had CIDP and I had one very unpleasant cold/flu that put me in bed for about 2-3 days.  It might just have been a nasty cold or the flu.  Drink liquids, control the fever and wait it out.  Most people can give better in home care than most hospitals.  If you can’t consume fluids or you get a massive spike in temp go see an emergency room.

Antifa are terrible medics as a small cut on the leg was treated like some one bleeding out,  It is bizarre to to see a strap tourniquet to wound that needed only a little direct pressure to stop the bleeding.  A little saline solution to clean and a bit of gauze would be all the wound needed.  The idiot kid thought he might lose his leg.   That sort of thinking is cruel to that person.  While I can understand that mocking that person. They truly think that little booboo is equivalent to losing a leg in combat.  Nope I bleed more doing garden work around my house.  I was a combat medic in the US army and I’d handed you a gauze pad and told you to hold it place until the bleeding stopped and then report back to your company.

I’ve gone off on a tangent. So I will end it here.