Bottled Butter

I’ve been working hard to get back to eating basic or real foods. I got rid of oleo margarine and gone to butter.
One advantage of margarine is that is all chemical so even most bugs won’t eat it. I’m not sure it can really rot or decompose!
Butter can rot and it can decompose. But it is also very easy to preserve. The process takes a bit of time, but it’s easy to do and it will save you a ton of money.
First butter has long been “rendered” and still is in India where it’s called ghee. Basically butter is heated to the melting point and all of the solids (Milk fats) are skimmed off which results in “clarified butter” that you dip your lobster in. This “ghee” is very stable and does not rot even in high temps. In fact it was used by pioneers of the USA in the early 1800’s. But you must keep it in the coolest darkest place available like any oil. I’m sure your home has many better places to store it than a Conestoga Wagon crossing the plains in early summer.
So on to bottled butter, You will need butter, canning jars lids and bands. A canning “Kit” that contains a funnel, lid lifter, Jar lifter and a few other doodads will be a great help also you will use them again canning.
1. Clean the jars: A run through the dish washer is fine. I use a roasting pan for sanitizing the jars in an oven at 250 degrees F. Place a glass marble in each jar  Turn off heat but leave in oven till butter is ready
2. Place canning lids and all utensils in a large pot and Boil to sanitize.
3.Melt butter and bring to a slow boil over very low heat. For 5 pounds of butter have 6 pint jars ready.
4. I  use a ladle to fill my jars. You will want to leave some space I fill mine up to the neck of the jar. About an inch of spacing. Or if you are using a canning funnel a bit (1/8 in.)below the funnel’s bottom edge.
5.Place lid from the other boiled/sanitized pot on jar and screw on band.
6. Walk away and check your email and you will start to hear the jars pop indicating a seal.
7. About every 5  minutes give the jar a shake. This is where the marble comes in. The marble will work to to break up the fats and distribute them evenly. Same concept as shaking a can of spray paint.
8. Now you have bottled Butter! Store in a cool dark spot and it should be good for at least 3 years. Though archeologists  have found “Bog Butter” in Ireland and Scotland that was edible from 500-1000  years ago.

Please stop by Preparedness Pro and give a thank you to Kellene. She’s the one who taught me, and gave me the confidence to try it out.

6 Responses to Bottled Butter

  1. Wow! Thank you! I've needed this for a while!!!

  2. Good info!ChinaIII

  3. Jarhead says:

    So basically you're just melting the butter and pouring it into the jars and preserving it? That's a great idea!

  4. It's surprising how easy it is to do bottled butter and so much cheaper than the powdered stuff. If weight is not a consideration. I think some folks forget about needing a water source for all that dehydrated food.

  5. Jarhead says:

    True, and depending on where you live that could be a problem. I live in Maine and can hardly turn around without falling in a lake or stream. But I like the idea of bottled butter.

  6. I just saw canned clarified butter for sale at Emergency Essentials at $7.00 + a pound. Canned bacon has been getting a lot notice as well. Next month I hope to try a couple of different ways of canning it with paper and without. A 12-16 oz. can is selling for $13-15.00 each. With bacon $3.00-$4.00 a pound in bulk and the cost of jars and a pressure canner. I think canning bacon is a good idea. Plus this may make a great trade good.

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