Threats from the PTBs! I don’t respond well to threats, I tend do the opposite of what you want.

I have never made it a secret I’m on the Dole because of my disability. While I’m low on the economic food chain I think I’m doing quite well on paying my bills and keeping my charity requests for a couple of things  I can’t do physically.  I paid my taxes and worked from the time I was 16 till I became disabled at 43 years old, including 13 years in the US Army who I’m paying off the US Army for disability from my VA benefits for the US Army  declaring me disabled and unable to work in the army.  No, I can’t explain that so  it make sense, “It’s the Law!”  So I’m still paying the Government about 6% of my income for being a disabled vet.

Now you can call me dumb and naive for believing the PTBs that all that FICA and taxes was for SS or disability when they took it from my check every month was for disability insurance and SS.  You would be correct, but hindsight is always 20\20 and I was playing the only game I had been taught. I now realized I was lied too but I can’t go back in the past and say screw buying a home with 10% down in 2003.  With hindsight I want to spend it on gold and silver that cost $280.00 and $4.00 per oz.

Now we citizens get threats such as:

  1. Sequestration will not allow for SS ,VA or military pay. But we can send the money to Egypt to buy Fighter jets and Abrams tanks. Add 50 million sent to France to support what they are doing in Mali. Give federal workers a raise who on average are paid 30%-60% better than the private sector workers. But troops are to expensive to have COLA adjustments even with the lie of CPI-U that excludes all food and energy rising cost. But great news Ipads are getting cheaper!
  2. Sequestration will cause all the layoff of food inspectors so no meat producers can sell any meat. So you can’t raise or sell your own meat in the most cities and the only thing that saving us from bad meat is the USDA inspectors?  In the USA we have had possibly 100 people or less in the last 10 years die from drinking raw milk. In a country of over 300 million. Your bathtub is more dangerous to your health than Raw milk. Yet the USDA send in SWAT teams to bust the Amish for selling Raw milk!
  3. All electronic devices can be search if you happen to live within or travel within a 100 mile zone of international borders or the coastline. Forth Amendment is bogus and it seems the DHS thinks that “security” trumps the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Based on population centers on the borders as well as the US coast line the of  states HI, FLA, MI, Maine, Vermont and CT must give complete access to any electronic device because the “authoritiess said the magic word  security and nothing else is needed.  As long as it is within 100 miles of an international border or Ocean.  This  ruling affects about 65% of the total US population.
  4. SSDI  should have an automatic 30% cut in the 1st quarter of 2016 because that fund is broke.  Social Security is separate from Social Security Disability as the PTBs figure it. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) figures  SSD will run out of money for benefits by 2016 and they are always optimistic with numbers. Now what should happen is all benefits by law will be cut by 30% once that happens unless Congress changes the rules and taps in to the SS “Trust fund” which is scheduled to go broke in 2029 at best and if it has to pay out on all those people on SSD or SSDI, and boomers retiring,  I doubt SS will last through 2020 at best.  For me that means instead of getting $1230.00 per month I get $861.00.  Oh but good news then I would qualify for EBT, an Obama phone, housing and energy assistance. I guess I would let the bank/VA foreclose on my house as my payments are $561 per month and while I live pretty cheap and have some food stored but even I can’t take that kind of hit on income and keep making payments on the house  along with rising food and energy prices.
  5. OSHA safety inspectors could be laid off and of course many  private sector employes will die. Because Government employees never die cause they are protected and stuff . The private sector would kill off employees cause they just don’t care about anything but profits. ….. Oh wait!  LAPD

Now a few of these items are related to the Simpson -Bowles committee that Obama called for during the 2011 US bond downgrade to save us all from the perils of government debt. Signed off on by both houses of Congress as a great idea 18 months ago. But now is totally evil. But guys this ain’t about Democrats or Republicans or politics, it’s about math!  One way or another all Americans will lose at least 30% in purchasing power via pay cuts,  inflation or both within the next 2 years. Imagine $4.50 for a gallon of gas will be considered a good price in fly over country. $5.50-$6.00 for a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread. Perhaps a decent sirloin steak at over $7.00 per pound and that just a few items. If the PTBs decide to go with inflation as history says they will. Take your budget this month and add another 30% to the price just to get your average needs and wants. That 30% is a low ball figure overall, If you have a fixed debt like a mortgage payment that may help but if you rent it will be tough. Student loans and all revolving credit will get much more expensive as a percentage of your income. If you are on a fixed income you will be hurting.

Look at your budget and assume you will get a 30% pay cut or everything in you will cost 30% more  by October of 2015. I don’t care if you are on SS or own your own shop/business. Unless you are part of the PTBs  or in the .001% of top incomes and then you are exempt. I doubt many of those folks stop by my little blog unless it is a few of the PTBs minions checking to see if they need to add me to another list. Now tell me again how you can’t afford to prepare!


6 Responses to Threats from the PTBs! I don’t respond well to threats, I tend do the opposite of what you want.

  1. Yor ARE on the list. Check. You are a threat to this country. Check. You are a domestic Terrorist. Check. I will see you in the reeducation camp. HAHA!

    • Jamie says:

      double h, I figured out I was screwed when I scored almost perfect on the 2009 DHS “You might be a terrorist if….” list. The only item I missed was a “Ron Paul or conservative” bumper sticker because I hate bumper stickers 😉

  2. dee says:

    Yeah Jamie, that is why we have strived to become self-reliant all these years. As one of those small business persons, we have seen the reimbursement for drugs steadily shrink, since Medicare part D was enacted. All the independent pharmacies in my state have been up in arms with the raw deal our govenor (repub) has enacted, that in the end will put quite a few out of business. Instead of enjoying our occupation, we have to balance the outgo of fair wages for employees, including raises, and our own salaries, and the other expenses of operating a business. We get audited randomly, and freq by govt agencies and third party payors (Private /group insurances), as they try to find a way to take it back, to find fraud. We have to fight to justify the need for them to pay for our acquisition costs+, so we can make a living and not a loss on a RX. It’s just so much fun! So thankful we live within our means, continually prepare, both temporally and spiritually, so if we have to close, it won’t mean our lives come crashing down around us. Those who think they can’t afford to, will pay the price sooner than they think.

    • Jamie says:

      dee, I feel for you. I just don’t know how small business owners keep going and putting up with all the regulations and being vilified the PTBs. That doesn’t even include the slow payments from the state and federal gov. for services/goods rendered, that is especially bad for small businesses in healthcare.

      I don’t buy into all the class warfare crap that ignorant/stupid people pop off with out doing any research. While I might be at the bottom of the economic food chain I’m in better shape than many of the sheep that bring in a lot more money, because I’m mostly debt free. I owe my parents a couple of grand from when I got sick that I’m paying off and my house payment that is my total debt. I have an Emergency fund, a little bit of silver and more than enough of the basics to last 6 months or more at anytime of the year. The huge power bill from a cold snap that happens most winters is on the news and is sending people to beg charity is just a mild annoyance for me. Sure I could ask for energy assistance and probably qualify. But I can make the payment so why would I ask for charity?

      I wish the “sheep” would realize how the PTBs use debt to enslave them. My Mom has a saying “All you have to do in this life is die. Everything else is a choice!”

  3. dee says:

    Love your mom’s saying! Do they have “level billing” for utilities in your part of Idaho? I use it for gas and electric, my utility bills are averaged over the year, and i never vary more than around $20
    dollars monthly. No sticker shock. Like you have very little debt. Like to keep the balance sheet squarely on the asset side, as opposed to liabilities, in both our personal and business positions.
    It does not matter how much you make, but what you do with it, that makes all the difference. Having assets allow you to not panic in stressful situations.My hubby has lost his job twice. Both times becauses we lived within our means, we did not panic, but were able to weather the storms, once for two years, and another for a couple of months. That is one reason why preparedness is so important to me.

    • Jamie says:

      dee, The have level pay here, but I like having very low payments in the spring and fall and I can handle if the bill goes up because of the weather. I do a kind of level pay plan for myself by averageing the payment and stashing the extra in my emergency fund on the cheap energy months.
      My “emergency” was a vet bill for my dog not long after I began prepping. I did not buy groceries for almost two months and living cheap I was able to pay cash for the bill of $700.00 over a month of treatment. If I had not prepared ahead of time I would have had to put my dog down. As my credit was really bad after becoming disabled so borrowing the money just would not have happened! That event convinced me that getting prepared was the right thing to do!

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