Xmas Lights

It has been strange that only I and my neighbor have up some Xmas lights on my block. I was a little late getting my lights up because I needed to some clean up of vines and weeds along my fences. My neighbor added some lights to a couple of small pine trees and then stopped until I added some lights to my yard and then he added more lights to his yard. It feels strange that more people don’t have at least some Xmas lights in their windows or I see some ambient Xmas tree lights through a window. I don’t expect a “Clark Griswold” you can see my “lit” house from space, but I’m not seeing even a small effort of Xmas lights. I literally saw more Halloween lights on my block this year compared to Xmas lights.

Some of the other blocks in my neighborhood were lit up and seeing those lights make me feel happy. I am also a bit sad that my block did not light up this Xmas. I understand why people did not put out Xmas lights. From not feeling festive to not having family visit to people just being worn out from everything 2020 has thrown at them this year and they are just hanging on mentally and fiscally to the bare basics of living.

What did I/my neighbor do? We kept our lights lit all day and night for the last 3 days. I’m not sure of my neighbor’s motivation but mine was “Screw all you Grinches” that want us not to celebrate Christmas in any form.

Mom and I had a great meal of Prime Rib a huge Green salad, fruit and veggie trays and carrot cake for desert. We had pies but the carrot cake was the desert of choice. Mom took home a Care Package of food that should last at least a couple of days of not having to cook meals. It is amazing that I could make a nice salad in December for a special meal. Gosh I do love the USA even when things get a bit “sideways”.

Nothing is as good or bad as portrayed by the media or politicians. All of you make a difference because you don’t succumb to hopelessness. You keep working on building a garden, storing food, using alternative energy where it makes sense and is cost effective. You fight to have chickens and eggs, build a home business, deliverer pizzas and food to keep money coming in daily. You don’t need government help you need the government to get out of your way to make a living how ever you choose to make a living.

The people that build stuff will save America bit by bit. Not the stoner shitting in the street in SF but the Homesteader that builds a garden and grows animals for their family. You don’t have to change the world, just make your little part of the world a little bit better place.

2 Responses to Xmas Lights

  1. Sbrgirl says:

    Exactly! We all have to do what we can to stay the course! Glad you and your mom had a good Christmas!

  2. Jamie says:

    Thanks Sbrgirl

    Hope you are having a good Holiday season

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